HiMice Customized Services

Based on over 10 years of experience working on human disease model development, we assist you to design and optimise research/drug testing plans on specific disease models to meet specific requirements.

  • HiMice can also be customized to demonstrate the improved expression of specific human immune cells. This is done through our proprietary technique of the Hydrodynamic Injection of Human Cytokine Plasmids, through the tail vein.
  • This method is stable, safe and effectively improves the human cytokine expression and reconstitution of human immune cells in the HiMice
  • References: Chen et al, PNAS, 2009, Chen et al, Journal of Immunology, 2012, Li et al, Journal of Immunology, 2013.
Now we are providing customized mice to support COVID-19 research. Please contact us for any request you have.


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