CRO Services

We offer the services for in vitro and in vivo models to improve the efficacy and safety evaluation for new drugs for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare companies. Our expertise in developing predictive preclinical models helps to reduce the time and cost of product development and minimize the risks of downstream testing.


Customized assays with 

proprietary 3D cell models

Highly multiplexed phenogenomic pathway profiling technologies for genetically complex brain disorders

Liver models for drug efficacy 

and safety evaluations

Toxicology tests that meet 

international regulatory requirements

Assays co-developed with leading 

academics and pharmaceutical companies

Highly experienced 

operations team


3D cell model services using

.Patient-derived cancer organoids

.Human Kupffer cells-hepatocyte co-culture model

.Airway epithelium model

.Skin model (Non-GLP)

Neuroscience services using

.Neuronal pathway profiling

.Reporter assay for GPCR binding analysis

.IPSC-derived neural disease models (schizophrenia, genetic and Diabetic    
    Neuropathy models)


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